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March 28, 2010
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Dan Wesson Revolver Concept by Pirosan Dan Wesson Revolver Concept by Pirosan
Dan Wesson Custom Concept

Did i ever mentioned, that i love airguns? No?
So, I love Airguns!

Recently, I've been thinking about expand my collection with Dan Wesson co2 Airgun revolver >> [link] << , and modify it a bit, to achieve something like You can see on concept above.
I plan to do everything modular, working on standard RIS mount rails, so base body of revolver will be almost untouched, only 4 holes will be drilled for RIS rails screws (on bottom of external barrel, and grip frame - This model already have mountings for optic rail, so less work for me, yay). In Palmrest i plan to attach adjustable, red laser sight pointer, dummy supressor (that airgun doesn't have much power, so there will be no sound to supress, let's call it moderator) is other tale - I'll need to obtain longer internal barrel, and make threads on external side of it, for supressor mount.
Rifle stock, will be ordered from local wood-carving-master, that's specialized in making custom rifle stocks (I'd use polymer one, but i don't feel like having 5th gun with polymer frame, i wand some more wooden love :P)

Now the question - why should i spend something like 200 USD to mod 170$ airgun?
Well, I'm something you could call (no, not a freak!) enthusiast, and I gather incredible amount of fun doing things like this, I don't even have to shoot it :P (But I'd love to, after it's finished)

Well, that's a work concept after all, and everything could be changed during work.
I plan to start it in next month, so i'll try to keep You updated.
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thats so beautiful it brings a tear to my eye
So I'm the only one that sees this as being a badass alternate mode for Megatron, huh?
tomytieneblas74 Jul 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
These look like mods , Awes !!!!
AcAnimate Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG! I was thinking of doing the exact same thing when I bought mine! nice f*cking job man :D:D
Oh, BTW, I realize this is for an airgun, but you realize IRL a suppressor on a revolver (one exception) is virtually useless? The lack of a tight seal between cylinder chambers and barrel means a large percentage of sound (and flash) are vented at that point.

The only exception is the Russian KGB-approved Mosin-Nagant M1895. The action of the cylinder after revolving presses it firmly forward, creating a firm seal between chamber and barrel.

Also, IRL, suppressors don't reduce to a 'phuuut' sound.

Still, mighty cool!
Pirosan Jan 31, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Nah, i know about that one exception, but You didn't hear aboutOTs-38 silent revolver - special construction, with addition of specially designed, subsonic, internal-sealed amunition. And yes, silencing the revolver is still silly, ets just say, that this supressor is just an cover for extended barrel lenght :-)
I did miss that one
Oh this is sweet, and I don't like revolvers!

Might I ask permission to use this for Kim Possible fan fics (as a Rockwall(er) Arms brand imprint)? (9mm)
Pirosan Jan 31, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Sure, no prob.
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